Cow and Sow Feed Increase Milk Lactation Booster

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Milk booster product of animals

——Special for milk booster of female animals

The milk booster product is a new product produced by our company’s Dr. Chen after returning to China to solve the problem of lactation dysfunction of female animals. According to the lactation law of the female animals, the lactation factor is supplemented, the secretion function of the mammary gland is adjusted and improved, and the lactation of the mother animal is promoted. It has the characteristics of increased appetite, more lactation, strong pups, weight gain, anti-infection, anti-diarrhea, etc.


1. Regulate and improve the secretory function of the mammary glands, promote the lactation of female animals, and improve the quality of milk;

2. Maintain the endocrine balance of female animals, ensure the health of the reproductive system, prevent the occurrence of metritis, mastitis, and agalactia (MMA) in female animals, and promote timely estrus and breeding after weaning;

3. Effectively inhibit the reproduction of intestinal pathogenic bacteria in livestock and poultry, improve immunity, reduce morbidity, promote intestinal absorption, extend the breeding years of female animals, eliminate inflammation, and protect and repair the skin and mucous membrane barrier;

4. The lectin antibacterial substance secreted by metabolism has obvious anti-infection and anti-pathogen effects, reduces diarrhea in young animals, and improves survival rate;

Product effect:

1. Increase the feed intake of female animals, improve digestion and absorption rate (absorption rate above 95%), quickly replenish energy, and promote physical recovery of female animals after delivery;

2. To improve the problems of low milk volume, insufficient milk, milk return, breast blockage, and breast inflammation caused by postpartum stress of female animals;

3. Promote lactation, improve breast milk quality, prevent piglet diarrhea, and increase piglet survival rate.

4. Promote follicle development of female animals, increase litter size and birth weight of young animals.


Suitable for lactation of sows, cow and sheep;


1. Mixed feeding of female animals 3 days before delivery and 7 days after delivery;

2. The daily dosage for each sow is 100g; the daily dosage for each cow is 200g; the daily dosage for each ewe is 30-50g;