JDZ Feed Additives Growth Promoter for Cattle Sheep

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Research And Manufacture Of JDZ Growth Promotion Peptides

1. Strain screening

Screen specific functional strains from tens of thousands of beneficial bacteria

2. Optimization of fermentation process

Optimizing fermentation conditions

3. Expand cultivation and product production

Optimize the medium formula, stimulate the secretion of metabolites, and realize the industrial production scale of growth peptides.

Natural screening of functional strains——Establish master seed bank and working seed bank——Gradually expand the cultivation of seeds——Fermentation production——Probiotics and metabolites drying

The Mechanism Of JDZ Growth Promoting Peptides

1. Promote the release of growth hormone

Growth peptides can regulate secretion in the body, stimulate the release of growth factors including growth hormone and growth hormone ligands, promote protein synthesis, bone cell proliferation, and accelerate lipid metabolism.

2. Promote amino acid absorption and protein synthesis

Growth peptides can increase the activity and quantity of dipeptidase and amino acid carriers, and alleviate the competition of intestinal wall cells for the intake of free amino acids (FAA); thereby promoting the absorption of amino acids and protein synthesis.

3. Promote nutritional rehabilitation of the organism

It can effectively stimulate and induce the increase of the enzyme activity of the brush border of the small intestine villi, and promote the nutritional recovery of animals; it can induce the increase of some enzyme activities in the small intestine, so that the digestive function of the small intestine can develop in advance.

4. Stimulate the release of immune peptides

Immune peptides are small peptides with immune activity that can regulate the organism immune response center. Growth peptides can stimulate the organism immune organs to release endogenous immune peptides. Immune peptides can reduce the rate of auto-oxidation and the peroxide content of fat. Promote the normal operation of the organism antioxidant system.

5. Improve the organism disease resistance

Improve the proliferation of lymphocytes and the phagocytic ability of macrophages, thereby enhancing the organism’s resistance to external pathogenic substances.

Main Functions Of JDZ Growth Promoting Peptides

1. Significantly increase the growth rate

Efficiently promote growth. This product can stimulate the hypothalamus-pituitary-growth axis, promote the secretion of growth hormone, rapidly increase the release and synthesis of growth hormone in livestock and poultry, promote the regulation of insulin secretion, increase hunger and desire to eat, promote growth, and increase daily weight gain .

2. Reduce the feed to meat ratio

Growth active peptides can stimulate the secretion of gastrin and motilin, promote gastrointestinal rhythmic peristalsis, enhance digestion and absorption of livestock and poultry, strengthen the metabolism of sugar, fat, and protein, enhance the absorption of nutrients, increase feed returns, and reduce feed-to-meat ratio .

  1. Reduce fat deposition and increase lean meat rate

This product has the ability to redistribute nutrients, promote protein synthesis, reduce fat deposition, and increase lean meat rate.

4. Improve carcass quality

This product can significantly promote more myoglobin synthesis in animals in vivo, thereby significantly improving carcass quality.

5. Regulate the organism immune system and enhance disease resistance

By improving the microbial environment in the intestines, promoting the development and health of mesenteric lymph nodes, improving the immunity of livestock and poultry organism establishing a long-term immune mechanism for livestock and poultry organism, building a strong disease protection barrier,and improving livestock and poultry disease resistance and production performance.

The use method and application practice of JDZ Growth Promoting Peptides

1. Usage

(1) For use on pigs, add 500g per ton of compound feed during the teaching trough and nursery stage, and increase the dosage as appropriate for intensive nursery; add 350g-500g per ton of compound feed during the fattening stage.

(2) For use on broilers, add 350g-500g per ton of compound feed throughout the entire process.

(3) For use on cattle and sheep, add 500g per ton of refined feed during the fattening period, and increase the dosage as appropriate for rapid fattening.