Antibacterial Peptide for Poultry

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Bacillus licheniformis and Saccharomyces cerevisiae metabolites


This product is a combination of Bacillus licheniformis and its metabolites and Saccharomyces cerevisiae metabolites

【Functional Ingredients】

Lichen peptide, yeast peptide

【Technological Process】

Bacillus licheniformis and its metabolites are obtained by high-density liquid aerobic fermentation on the basis of screening excellent strains. Yeast peptide is a lasso peptide produced by fermentation of the patented strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae Sa-10, and its structure is stable. The above two types of substances are scientifically combined to obtain a synergistic effect of this product.

【Function Coordination】

This product can regulate the balance of intestinal flora and the body’s immune balance, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial work together.

【Character Stable】

This product has certain tolerance to high temperature, digestive enzymes, acid and alkali and metal ions.


This product can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

This product can adjust the intestinal flora imbalance and prevent necrotizing enteritis.

This product can adjust the body’s immune balance and enhance resistance.

This product can promote the degradation of nutrients and decompose toxic and harmful substances.

High temperature and digestive enzyme treatment of the stability of yeast peptides in this product

【Recommended Dosage】

Animal species and stage

Adding amount (g/t)

Animal species and stage

Adding amount (g/t)

Layer Brooding


Broiler Earlier


Layer Rearing


Broiler Middle


Layer laying


Broiler Later


Note: The above is the dosage in complete feed, other feed types are converted according to the proportion.

【Shelf Life】 18 months